PV Teens

Have your Teen Join PV Teens!

PV Teens is a meaningful way for your teens to step out of their daily routines and learn from others’ experiences and circumstances.  It's also a great opportunity to earn volunteer hours for school. 

Recommended for children 13 and older. Free for teens to participate.

Are you looking for PV Juniors to submit for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award? If so, please read below and follow the steps:

PV Teens' hours are counted by calendar year. Therefore, they are counted from January 1 to December 31. Sandra Wang will submit your hours by February 28 for Presidential Service Award eligibility. The Presidential Service Award criteria requires that the volunteer hours cannot be lump sum hours. Each date, hours, and type of service must be recorded separately. For instance, if you perform library service every week or TA each week at the same place, each volunteer opportunity must be broken down by date, service (time) and (description), even if each week is the same. Remember to get the hours signed by the person in charge of each volunteer event.

Also, please remember that your service hours can ONLY COUNT ONCE. Only one volunteer agency can submit for your Presidential Volunteer Service Award each year. For example, if you belong to both Los Hermanos and PV Junior Teens, and Los Hermonos is submitting your hours for the Presidential Award, you cannot ask PV Juniors to submit you for the same service year.

To be eligible for Sandra Wang to submit you for your Presidential Volunteer Service Award, your mother must be either an active PV Juniors member or an alumni.

Please use the attached tracking sheet to track your services.


Sandra Wang